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Emoji 3D

Emoji 3D

Our signature flavor cake covered with fondant. 3D emoji topper is (non edible) made with dummy styrofoam ball covered with fondant. Wooden sticks are also used to keep the elements in the design in place. Children should be supervised/watched by an adult when eating.

  • Cake care and storage Instructions

    Fondant cakes should not be refrigerated before the event. It should be kept in a cool room with airconditioning instead. It can be affected by moisture inside the refrigerator and may cause the fondant to soften and "melt".

    Cakes should be consumed within a week from delivery. Leftover cakes can be refrigerated or frozen after the event. Place in an air-tight container or wrapped in foil.

  • Shipping and cake handling

    We recommend personal pick-up or via car courier for better handling. Cakes should be placed in a flat and level surface during transit, avoid inclined surfaces as the cake may slide. We recommend the front passenger side floor and have AC directed downwards. Its also best to avoid direct sunlight, cover box with some light cloth or protection from sun in case the front passenger side is exposed in sunlight. For Multi-tiered cakes, we will assign an extra person to assist in handling and will be included in the delivery fee.

    Cake handling notes and proper instructions will be given to courier. We will not be liable for damaged cakes due to mishandling.